Scott Patterson

About Me

Specializing in server side development, I'm at my best when my work is transparent to the user and provides a seamless experience. While originally interested in graphic design, I now primarily help designers realize their designs in code.

I have extensive experience working with real estate data, having worked heavily with multiple listing service (MLS) integration using both RETS and IDX. I also wrote the initial implementation and am a continuing contributor to the native Ruby RETS client rets4r.

A native English speaker with advanced intermediate skills in Japanese, I have passed the JLPT N2 and have experience participating in multilingual and multicultural groups.


I primarily work with:
Ruby, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, PostgreSQL, and git.

Sometimes work with:
MySQL, XML, RETS, Solr, AMQP, Bash scripting, Subversion, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Have previous experience with:
PL/pgSQL, Perl, Flash, and Java.

I develop on a Mac, administer Linux servers, and am proficient with Windows when needed.

Scott Patterson

Work History


Backend Engineer, 2014-present

Endymion, Inc.

Head Developer, 2012-2014

Head developer responsible for crafting and maintaining the Quchy backend and API used by the the Quchy mobile applications that help people bookmark and recommend their favorite places. Worked closely with mobile developers to ensure a smooth user experience.


Technology Lead, 2009-2015

Founding member of doq creative port. Created platform to connect creative talent in Japan with the world. Acted as a technical consultant on projects that act as a bridge between Japan and Australia.


Consultant, 2002-present

I provide end-to-end development, architecture, and system administration utilizing the latest technology and hand-crafted technical solutions to fulfill my clients' needs.

My current clients include:
  • Contra Costa Association of Realtors (13+ years)
  • East Bay Regional Data (12+ years)
Past clients have included:
  • Javelin Marketing (7 years)
  • NF Communications (4 years)
  • Delta Association of Realtors
  • Bay East Association of Realtors
  • CHP11-99 Foundation

NF Communications

Webmaster, 2000-2002

I developed and managed NF Communications' websites, web applications, and servers. Technologies utilized included HTML, CSS, Javascript, Perl, PHP, MySQL, and Linux.


  • UC Berkeley, Religious Studies, 2004
  • Nanzan University, Center for Japanese Studies, 9/2010 to 12/2011